Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve a geography?

Yes! You can reserve any single geography for 90 days by paying the applicable non-refundable start-up fee. This gives you first right of refusal should another organization wish to begin marketing in that geography. At the end of 90 days, you’ll be required to launch the campaign or release the geography.

Can I purchase multiple geographies? If so, is there a price break?

Yes! You can absolutely purchase multiple geographies. Returning customers will pay a discounted start-up fee for every subsequent geography.

How do I know if my desired geography is available?

Click Here to see if your desired geography is available and to see if you qualify.

How long does it take to go live?

This process takes approximately one week to launch.

Is there a contractual obligation?

Much like a landlord obligates a tenant’s 30 day notice to vacate, GeoFlip requires a 30 day cancelation notice.

What is the minimum investment required?

See our pricing guide to review monthly investment options.

Who is GeoFlip right for?

We can only help experienced full-time Real Estate Investors.

How long until the GeoFlip system produces profit?

It depends on your geography, how well you fund your campaigns, but most clients have their first deal by month two which can vary in size and closing date.

Who is GeoFlip right for?

GeoFlip is best suited for experienced, full-time or expert Real Estate Investors – including institutional, regional and national buyers.

What can I expect in the first 90 days?

The first 90 days is focused on your growth. Keep in mind, the process takes time. Campaigns typically experience a ramp-up period after we launch. There will be a learning curve as you become integrated with our systems.

How much should I expect in year one gross revenue with GeoFlip?

Results vary vastly. Our top clients have produced $500,000+ year one gross revenue.

Is my business website(s) needed or required to be a GeoFlip client?

No, we don’t need access to your website, we have proprietary websites.